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Teach Your Kids to Dream

Are they pursuing their dream or yours? If you want your children to grow up to be great leaders, they must learn how to dream. Do you love what you do? Do you compare yourself or your dreams to others? Many parents are trying to live their dreams through their children. Learn how to teach…More

Give them permission to start living their dreams today!

Step-Parenting: Did I Sign Up for This?

Are you on an emotional rollercoaster? It takes a special person to become a step-parent. Truthfully – it’s not for everyone. Are you always frustrated? Do you feel left out? What happens to you and your partners intimacy? All of these and other questions are vital for a blended family. Visits may be exhausting, but…More

Don’t underestimate the power of role-modeling.

Stop Living in Fear

Make the present day so beautiful it’s worth remembering. It’s time to step out of fear and move forward. We have all experienced the restrictions that Covid 19 placed on our lives. “Fear not” is in the Bible 365 times. God asks us for faith, not fear. Change your mind – change your circumstances.More

Do you have the Covid-19 Blues?

Hurt People, Hurt People

It’s time to Heal! Are you so hurt by a situation that you want to hurt others? Stop allowing others to determine your value. Face your feelings head on and heal.More

Love God, Love Others

Scarcity or Abundance?

Do we have a choice? The most recent “potential” gas shortage got me thinking about how everyone immediately goes to a scarcity mindset when one thing goes wrong. It’s time to stop having a scarcity mindset and transform our minds to an abundance mindset. Are you ready?More

What drives us to do crazy things?


What role does intuition play in building a successful and rewarding life? Would you like to create a shift in your awareness, your thoughts and your actions? Learn how to do things differently – think differently and take different actions. By doing so, you will begin to develop an inner level of comfort and security…More

Are you building your muscle of intuition?

An Important Life Skills Conversation

You don’t know what you don’t know! This conversation is for everyone from the young adult to those who may be divorced or widowed (and their spouse took care of everything), but bottom line is – you don’t know what you don’t know and it could cost you.More

Life skills and how they relate to having the life we desire.

Developing Relationships

Using Your Self-Confidence to Build Relationships There are three very important aspects of building relationships: Reading people, Development Rapport and Support and Cooperation. I will discuss the importance of these as well as the 5 paths to enforce, or build upon, the support and cooperation everyone needs to get the life they desire.More

Build the relationships you need to get the life you desire.

Building Self-Confidence

How can you build relationships without it? Lack of self-confidence can paralyze your life. If you are able to understand the problems associated with the low level of your self-confidence, it will allow you to better understand the corrective steps you need to take in order to develop your self-confidence to reach higher levels. Let…More

Building self-confidence to create the life you desire.

Grieving Losses in Life

Don’t Avoid it any Longer! We all go through loss, but do we grieve the loss? Grieving isn’t just about the death of a love one. You can and should grieve the loss of a loved one, but also a career, a relationship or even a stage of life – and many other situations. I’m…More

Grieving isn’t just for the loss of a loved one.


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