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Weathering the Storms of Life

Gaining Spiritual Freedom with Grace How are you weathering the storms in your life? Are you frustrated, do you feel anxiety, are you angry or depressed? You don’t have to do it all alone. I will give you 8 steps to help you seek the freedom you desire.More

Who do you trust with your cares and concerns?


Is it a lost cause? We live in a 24/7, got to have it now, kind of world. Everything is fast. Are we being consistent with our children; our work; and most of all ourselves? Make sure to listen to find out how to be consistent. We need to stop focusing on the outcome and…More

Have we lost the need to be consistent?

Grace in Step-Parenting

Whether biological or “step”, there is help for you with your children. Parenting is hard. Step-parenting can be even harder. Whether you realize it or not, Jesus extends his grace and mercy to us every day. Each day is a gift to cherish. You were blessed with another family, even though at times it may…More

Jesus extends his grace and mercy to us every single day.

Back to School and Cyberbullying

Would you know what to look for? What is cyberbullying? How does it differ from other bullying? What are the signs to look for? What are the effects? What can a parent do? I will answer these and other questions in this podcast. Make sure to check out my book “Teens Dodging Bullets“.More

Virtual name-calling can have real-world effects on our kids.

Freedom of Choice

Has it been taken away from us? We have choices within the walls of our own home, but it no longer seems to extend outward very far. We are being told what to do and what to wear. What other choices have been removed? We will discuss this and other choices in this podcast.More

What choice do you need to make today?

Access Denied

Be a fact checker of your own Has the world become automatic? Do we believe everything we read and hear? Is our access to the truth denied? There is only one person with whom your access will never be denied!More

Our country is in trouble. Our faith is in trouble. Let’s get our access back.

Warnings and Life Lessons

Are you going it alone? Do you find yourself doing things that, in hindsight, you knew probably wasn’t the best decision, but you did it anyways? What was your outcome? What are you trying to control in your life? We don’t need to handle everything alone. There is help for you here.More

You don’t need to see the entire path before taking the first step.

Where is Your Emphasis?

Have patience or you will miss the best parts! How many of us feel pressed to “keep up with the Joneses”? To buy the up-to-the-minute model of everything but at the expense of what? How can we break out of this cycle? Let’s stop placing our emphasis on the material and start placing our emphasis…More

What are you driving?

Healing Relationships

Are you honest in your relationships? The bonds of friendly relationships, while strong, can be broken by thoughtless action, deed, and words. Are you ready to repair those relationships? You have to be the first one to start.More

Regaining anything worthwhile takes time, effort and want.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Let’s talk passion and a value-based life. What is your passion and purpose? If you are unsure, I can give you two questions that will give you an idea. What are your values? Values drive your passion. What words are you choosing to help you reach your passion? I will help you answer these and…More

Passion IS a choice.


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